My thoughts on the Naked 1 from Urban Decay

Naked 1 Urban Decay


I thought I would review the all time classic Urban Decay Naked 1 :).

This palette came around a long time ago in the shelves of Sephora, but interestingly it was the last of the three palettes I got my hands on ( I could’t help feeling more attracted towards the other ones haha). It includes a flat brush and a mini sized primer potion (descent size). The palette retails for $52.00 which I find reasonable considering the fact that it comes with a variety of colors all included in one convienient palette.

Now on to the palette.. it includes 12 eyeshadows, the same amount as the other palettes. The colors range from light to dark. At first sight, it’s noticible how warm the palette really is. It includes a lot of browns and earthy colors that would really compliment tanned skin tones or skin tones with a warm undertone.

Another important aspect of the palette is to consider that fact that is has a lot of shimmery colors ( not the types of shimmers that would make you look like a disco ball, but nice looking shimmers haha ). The quality of these eyeshadows amazes me, they are extremeley pigmented and last a long time !

Now for the pictures :)

Naked 1 Urban Decay


  • Virgin: beautiful shimmery color, you can put this baby on your eyelids and you are ready to go. It makes a really nice everyday effortless kind of look :)
  • Sin: light pinky color, shimmery
  • Naked: perfect for the crease
  • Sidecar: My favorite shade, it’s beautiful

Urban Decay Naked 1


  • Buck: darker color (pretty boring haha)
  • Half Baked: Beautiful golden color, it was love at first sight <3
  • Smog: good for a soft smokey look
  • Darkhorse: Great for a smokey eye, very pigmented and neutral on the yes making it look not too scandalous.


Naked 1 Urban Decay


  • Toasted: Beautiful-toasted-rusted-old-vintage-looking-rose-color. Long name.
  • Hustle: Pretty amazing paired with any of the other lighter colors.
  • Creep: this dark bluish blackish color makes a great smokey eye for any fancy occasion
  • Gunmetal: This would have to be my least favorite color, personally I don’t like wearing blues in my eyes, but for you girls out there that enjoy these looks, you’ll love this shadow.

Bottom line is: I really do think the money is worth it, if you like makeup and you want to experiment with shadows or even if you have the other naked palettes, I think it would be a great asset to any makeup collection. I find myself wearing theses shadows almost everyday. It would be suited for girls with tanner skin tones or olive undertones.

If you would like any makeup looks using these shadows, don’t hesitate and comment down below or just give me your overall thoughts :)

Talk to you guys next time :)

XoXo, Makeup Girl


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Naked 1 from Urban Decay

  1. This was the first eyeshadow pallet I ever bought and I still absolutely adore it and its one of my favorites. The price is completely reasonable considering the quality and range of shades as well as it last foreverrrr :)) great post!! ♥

    • The line ok Naked palettes from Urban Decay were the first eyeshadow palettes I got too ! haha But my first one was the Naked 2, then the Naked 3 and lastly the Naked 1 :) I love them all <3 !
      Thank you :)

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