Prom.. What to wear?

Dresses for prom


Well girls, get ready, because for most of you, prom is just around the corner. It it perhaps the most exciting and awaited day in the life of a high school student. Prom could me difficult, getting ready, picking the outfit, the date, the makeup, the jewerly, the shoes etc. It sure is an overwhelming experience for those of us who never been to a prom before. But don’t fret, I decided to make for you girls a prom guide, from what dress to wear accordingly to your body shape, to what shoes, makeup and hair (wooo, all you have to think about now is on the handsome date you’re bringing ;). For prom, one of the most important things for us girls is the dress we are going to wear. It should reflect your personality, be pretty and make you feel awesome, but at the same time it should stay on your budget and it should flatter your body shape. The truth is not all of us have a complete knowledge of what dress flatters more our body shape (is not like we were born knowing all these fabulous fashion knowledge haha).

It is importat that you girls keep in mind that these recommendations are not a strict code you should follow and most definetly doesn’t mean that because you have a particular body shpae, you can’t wear a dress recommended for another body shape. These are just some guide lines and inspiration to make you feel awesome and pretty on that special night, so here it is girls, let’s get started !

Body shape :

  • Slender : If you have a slender body shape, pretty much means that you are skinny, with little amounts of curves in your body. A simple thight around the body dress will really suit you very nicely. This shape also means that your hips, bust and waist have very little difference between them. If you have this body shape you can go for: strapless, sweetheart (my favorite), spaghetti or v-neck. Pretty much whatever flows your boat. The skirt would look best if straight, but you girls can pretty much get away with anything. Here is an example:

  • Hourglass: if you have an hourglass shape, it means basically that your bust and your hips have the same measurement and that your waist is very small compared to the other parts of your body. For your girls that have this body shape, my favorite dresses are the v-necks or sweethearts with a mermaid skirt. Here is an example:

  • Apple : If you have this body shape, the most amout of weight you have is concentrated in the middle portion of your body (stomach). If this is you, what you want to do is try and find a dress that defines your waist even more. Dresses that are tight around the bust and then become very loose are yur best friends ! It will create an optical illusion of a more defined waist. Here is an example:

  • Pear or triangle: This basically means that your hips are larger that your bust, and waist. What you want to do is add more volume and fullness to the upper part of your body. Avoid wearing skirts that are really puffy like princess styles. Here is an example that adds volume up top :

  • Petite: Petite girls are usually short. If you are short, the best dresses for your are the short ones :) Long dresses will only make you look smaller. Most long dresses in the market are made for tall girls, unless you have your dress specially tailored for you, avoid them and go for something short and sexy instead. If you are worried that you may not shine enough, use a shimmery dress. Here is an example:

  • Busty: Let’s face it. Not everyone has a supermodel body. If your are the type of girl that has some extra pounds, there are a ton of dresses out there for your body type. Use dresses with thick straps, you will look more supported and it will make you feel more confident. Use dresses that create a more defined waist and larger hips, if you want to use a gown dress go ahead ! and if you love to show your legs go ahead and do so too. Here is an example:

I hope you girls found this article usefull and don’t forget to comment on what would you like me to talk about next for this prom series :)

XoXo, Makeup Girl

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