Urban Decay Naked 3 Review & Swatches ♥

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Hello my lovely ladies ! Today I thought I should write and review based on my thoughts and opinions on the UD Naked 3 Palette. If you are like me and love makeup I bet you love to look up in google and other beauty pages the swatches of products just to get a sense of what they look like and if you would like them. So here they are ! I will review this palette, show you the pictures of the eyeshadows and let you decide on your own if you should get it or not :)

UD in my opinion are one of the best eyeshadows out there. They are not extremely expensive and they have AMAZING quality. Sometimes I look at these eyeshadows and actually feel they are not powder based, but instead cream based (they are just sooooo creamy in texture ! ) With the release of the Naked 1, everyone went crazy, when they came out with a second one, I went crazy, and with the third one, oh well, let’s just say I was REALLY excited. Here is a picture of all the colors swatched:

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Swatches                 (Swatched without primer, on natural lighting and with NO camera effects nor flash)

The Naked 3 is by far the most different of the palettes when you compare them side by side. The idea behind the palette is to offer different looks within a romantic and rose gold theme. The eyeshadows remind me of something I would wear to Paris or a romantic date, they are all very girly, pinky and definitely purples (in darker skin tones).

If you already own the other palettes and don’t really know if you should get this one, here are some points that can help you make a decision:

  • Different from the other palettes – This palette has a more rose gold pink theme to it.
  • If you love romantic eyes, GET IT !
  • If you love makeup, I think it is a very NECESSARY palette to add to your collection (it never ends does it ? lol)
  • If you enjoy Urban Decay shadows
  • If you want to experiment with different looks using rose colors. If you are not used to stepping out of your comfort zone and don’t usually wear pink eyeshadows, this is the palette to go for ! It is very pinky, but at the same time it is SUPER wearable compared to other eyeshadow palettes out in the market.

So now for the colors :)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Colors and Swatches

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Colors and Swatches


The first four colors :

  • Strange (matte) : a very milky white/light pink. Perfect for the inner corner or the brow bone.
  • Dust (glittery): like the name, it is a very dusty pink eyeshadow. Sometimes I find that the dusty glittery particles don’t stick really well to the eye area even if I use eyeshadow base.
  • Burnout (satin) : a very muted pink with a very beautiful satin finish. Perfect for the whole eyelid.
  • Limit (matte) : this would have to definitely be the color you would used as a transitional color between the crease color and the brow bone.


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Colors and Swatches


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Colors and Swatches

  • Buzz (shimmery) : A very shimmery bright deeper pink color. It is another color for the eyelid. It’s shimmery but not powdery or dusty like Dust.
  • Trick (satin): A very beautiful rose gold color. It ir PERFECT to achieve a rose gold look in the eyes. It’s a little difficult to work with but once you dig deep into the pan, it gets more manageable.
  • Nooner (matte): this is the perfect crease color to use with the other colors of this palette. It blend really easily
  • Liar (satin): a greyish purple/pinky muted color

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Colors and Swatches Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Colors and Swatches

  •  Factory (satin): A very beautiful dark brown color with a pink undertone. I LOVE this color
  • Mugshot (satin): I find this color very similar to Liar but deeper, so the colors will look great together on the eyes for a more muted look !
  • Darkside (satin): Greyish purple color. Out of all the darker colors, this is the one that has the least amour of pigmentation, but it’s not something mayor.
  • Blackheart (matte with glitter) : the darker color of the palette, a very sensual matte black with red glitters. It is perfect to create a very smokey look, very very dark and SUPER pigmented.

I think the colors are amazing, Dust is my biggest disappointment though, it had so much potential, and they made it, umm dusty? haha, but for the other colors I feel COMPLETELY satisfied and I LOVE this palette. The whole rose gold pony neutrals idea is very appealing and nice. the colors are very girly and make me feel very sweet when I wears them, but the palette has very beautiful dark shades perfect to make smoky eyes.

The packaging is a very stiff metal case which is perfect and offers a great protection against falls. It has a beautiful rose gold color and it WAY better than the case the Naked 1 shades came in, I wasn’t a fan of it, it just got really dirty. The Naked 3 comes with a great big mirror like the one in the Naked 2 which comes in handy.

My final thought are :

♥ Pigmentation : 9/10
♥ Longevity : 10/10
♥ Color Selection : 10/10
♥ Eyeshadow Finishes: 9/10

Overall : A+

Price: $ 54.00

Any comments? Questions? Don’t hesitate to comment below. What are your thoughts ? Do you own the Naked 3? Do you like it ?

Take care ladies, to next time

XoXo, Makeup Girl  ♥


16 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 3 Review & Swatches ♥

      • I’m sure I will :-D

        I have talked myself out of buying it for the past 2 months! It’s not even that expensive for the amount you get but I couldn’t justify it… Anyway I have finally caved! Haha! xx

      • hahaha it never ends ! but don’t feel bad ! It’s an amazing value ! and the fact that they are all together on a palette makes it even better !

        I don’t know about you but I love having a palette of eyeshadows ! It’s makes it so much easier to access the colors ! haha ♥

      • haha exactly ! With this palette I have been using the ELF baked eyeshadow in Toasted and it looks AMAZING !! I use the single shadow all over the eyelid and other deeper colors from the palette in the crease and outer corner and I’m in LOVE with the combo ! ♥

        But that’s the only exception I have made with single eyeshadows haha. I give up, don’t like them ! lol

      • No, I live in Puerto Rico but I buy them online !
        Me too ! And I don’t like all their products, but I fell in love with their baked line. The only eyeshadow color I liked was Toasted and I love the baked blushes !

        I will do a post of some swatches of the baked blushes (2) and the elf baked eyeshadows (2) and maybe you like the colors and order them online ! :)

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