CoverGirl LipPerfection Lip Color ♥

Hey girls ! ♥

Yesterday I was at Walgreens and noticed my beloved CoverGirl LipPerfection lipsticks, and thought to myself : “Wow, I had forgotten about these” . I previously had only three, three that I bought a LONG time ago. When I purchased them, I immediately fell in love with them, but never came back to buy more because… well, I forgot they even existed in the first place. If you love to watch youtube beauty channels, you know that products get mentioned ALL the time, and we cave in them just as frequently (never ending addiction) but I noticed that these lip products don’t get the attention they deserve ! This is what they look like:

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipsticks

I have a total of seven shades (currently, yeah, it’s going to get bigger for sure!) and let me start by saying they are by far my FAVORITE lipsticks from the drugstore. Why you ask?  I shall explain (feeling very fancy lol)

  1. They are extremely (and I meant it!) pigmented : They glide on sooooooo nicely.
  2. They hydrate my lips all day ! Because of their creamy consistency, I find that these lipsticks feel very comfortable on the lips, and for me, that’s a MUST !
  3. Very cheap ! I got mine for just $5.99 on the drugstore (and the second one 50% off!)
  4. Cutest packaging in the world ! Let’s just admire those tubes for a second ! The color in the bottom of the lipstick represents the actual color inside, and let me tell you.. it’s VERY accurate, not like some lipsticks showing to be pink on the outside and when you get home and open them.. we see an orange lipstick (well done makeup companies, well done
    -_____-) The actual color on the cube reminds me of yummy candy  ♥
  5. The lightest colors don’t make my lips look chapped ! ok, so I must admit my comfort zone are light lipsticks, so for me, when a lipstick makes my lips look chapped and very dehydrated I simply stop using them, even if I love the color. These lipsticks have amazing light pinks and nudes that hydrate your lips and make you look like the queen of the nudes! (not literally).


So without further ado; here are some swatches :)

CoverGirl LipPerfection lipstick swatches

Swatches (L-R): 258 honeyed, 397 yummy, 255 delish, 365 enchantress, 405 fairytale, 327 bombshell, 360 euphoria

CoverGirl LipPerfection lip swatches honeyed

258 Honeyed

Honeyed: A creamy satin finish nude.

397 Yummy

397 Yummy

Yummy: My favorite shade ! A beautiful satin baby pink with cool undertones

255 Delish

255 Delish

Delish: A pretty satin nude with orange undertones

365 Enchantress

365 Enchantress

Enchantress: This has a slight different finish from the other ones. It’s a little frosty and has a small amount of glitter. Very bright!

405 Fairytale

405 Fairytale

Fairytale: A satin finish pinky reddish and quite corally color :)

327 Bombshell

327 Bombshell

Bombshell: A very sexy dark pink, satin finish

360 Euphoria

360 Euphoria

Euphoria: A very sexy and dark vampy color. Sorry for the messy application girls :)

There they are girls !  Don’t forget to comment below and tell me if you have tried them, and if you haven’t, please do ! You won’t regret it !


Take care my lovelies ♥

XoXo, MakeupGirl


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